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Mar 29, 2017
7:52 am
Mar 29, 2017
6:59 am
Mar 29, 2017
6:57 am
Mar 29, 2017
6:46 am
Mar 29, 2017
6:16 am


* - Blocking possible

1. If you're planning to draw my character(s) or if you have a heavily mature content gallery (Or just hiding their Non-sexual fetishes from younger audiences), PLEASE don't consider marking my character(s) as mature content unless if you asked my permission to do so.

*2. "Cringe" "Waste Talent" "Put mature content cuz of kids" "Cancer" "Bleach" and any other repetitive comments are immediately blocked. I've heard it like 1,000 times, and i really don't want to hear more about my art. But if it was fetish itself, then i'm fine with it.

*3. Please don't drag me into drama, or starting off drama. And i don't want any mentions about my username when it comes to drama.

*4. If you're waiting for your Request, Art trade, Commission, and others, i can tend to be busy in real life then in the internet. So you'll be expecting delays from months or years. I don't normally do these, and if i finish a single thingy, people are going to ask more. PLEASE go bother other artists instead of wasting your idea to me.

5. Restrict any lewd comments. FAQ #3: Are there restrictions to comments?

6. I don't want any of those single comments like "Cute" "Adorable" "Hot" "Sexy" and so on. Please be more creative, like three or more words. This applies to repetitive comments.

7. I don't put in mature content over stupid reasons. Like Kids looking in DeviantART or any other search filters (Blame the parents for not properly monitoring the children's internet safety.), Personally offended/Uncomfortable users, because it's "Porn" (It's not in the level of Fetish Portraits category), Because i'm not respecting DeviantART (If i wasn't, the admins would just take immediate action towards me), Ruining the community, Being ranted/trolled/hated, and so on. This conflicts with Rule #2.

8. Are you confused about my art? Any questions? Ask me via notes or in my profile page. Please make sure not to throw any insults or my watchers will attack you or jumps into your comment.

9. Need help from your depression? Anger? Are you struggling with something? I can at least try to help you with something, but i am just not good at helping people. x.x

10. Refrain any heavily personal questions. I can only reveal my Name and Birthday, and that's it. Don't go any further.

11. Don't be afraid to talk to me. I may seamed to be blunt, angry, or stressed, but in the inside, i'm a nice person trying to help people. Don't take this rule too seriously, as this is probably easy to follow.

12. I am only Fascinated to fetishes, and i do NOT jack off just because i have a fetish.

13. Project Dream characters are 18+ years old, and please don't think that it's child porn. It isn't. Project Dream style was ment for less detailed and simple anatomy, not just for creating children.

*14. I am not going to cooperate you if you have your gallery full of mature content. I am not going to accept my gifts as well. That same goes to if you ask me to request, Art trade, or commission you. This conflicts with Rule #1

*15. Please and i mean PLEASE don't mention your lover in front of me. It makes me extremely uncomfortable, and it's not jealousy. I just hate to hear it that's all.

*16. It's okay to remind me about your request, but PLEASE don't remind me over and over within the first day or noticing me about your request every day.

*16-1. If i rejected your request, please don't ask for more ideas. Eventually, i'll just ignore you. If this continues, i'll ignore you completely. If this continues for a long period of time, i'll block you and that's final.

16-2. I don't make mature content request unless if i'm okay with it. Depending on your request, there's most likely of 70% of chance that i'll reject your request.

*16-3. No complaints about your request being canceled, being postphoned for a long period of time, and i really don't want to hear your request progress after the simple conversation is done. (Ex: "Yup, that's exactly it! ... So how about the request progress?"). The request progress does not conflicts of being blocked. The request being canceled and postphoned conflicts with Rule #4

16-3 cont. To clarify it, as long if you don't repetitively complain about your request.

*17. If i feel like i don't want to continue to talk about it, you stop. That same goes to me being uncomfortable.

18. I am heavily TL;DR, so please spaced out your sentence whenever you type. Or else i won't understand of what you're saying. That does not apply to Journals, Submissions, DeviantID descriptions, Writing, or character's bio, but it depends of how long it is.

19. Very important. PLEASE make sure the character is over 18 years of age, or 21 years of age to legally drink drug related. I don't want DeviantART to apeshit on my account, and possibly ban my account if this happens again.

19-1. Oh, and you'll have to tell me about the character's age when you request/Art trade/Commission. But it depends on the character although.

20: Please don't beg me to unblock that person. If that's what they deserve to be blocked, it's their own fault for not following the rules, annoy me, or disrespecting me. Absolutely no exceptions

What should i celebrate my 200,000th pageviews? (I don't normally do these) 

44 deviants said Comic? //I do have plans. (Comment below)
22 deviants said Fetish/Fixation picture? (Comment below)
16 deviants said Lewd picture? (Comment below)
8 deviants said Simple picture? (Comment below)


Don't try and give up, you'll eventually stress yourself out in the middle of your progress. Just take a break, and eventually you'll get it right in the meantime.

Sucked or not, you'll just have to try. Nobody is perfect, and nothing is perfect in this world. And i don't care if it's "Terrible" or "Crappy".
In the future, there's full of edgy meme material accounts, and all they think of a word is Cringe, and cancer.
If your work has been added to a Collection folder with a deliberately offensive title (Ex: Cancer, Worse of DeviantART, WTF IS THIS SHIT, Disgusting fetishes, Cringy art, etc. All of these samples were my art being hate favorited.), we first recommend that you block that deviant. This will remove your deviation from their favourites collection entirely.
(From FAQ #73: Are there any rules for Collection folder titles?)
Before Atomic Puppet, there's an old OC i have with two puppets instead of one. I'll probably draw it out~

Returning to draw again

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 27, 2017, 3:54 PM
Gallery :pokeball:Add me :pokeball: Art Stats :pokeball: Note me :pokeball: commission :pokeball: FAQS

Can't beat final boss bullshit. Oh well.

No, don't ask me for your R/A/C (Request, art trade, commission) progress or don't even ask me a new R/A/C. Please give me a chance to draw my own. I am not your robotic slave.

You can tell i have a very bad day. Don't drag your concern toward me, i am not okay.

And there's another thing. Remember the disclaimer you see on my pictures? Like Do not trace, republish, or whatsoever? I am not going to post these in future pictures. Nobody gives a crap anyways. Instead, it's just going to be "Art was drawn by me" or "Animation/icon was made by me"

So it's going to take a while for me to get back to drawing, without frustrating me and make me lose my motivation (Yes, i am tired of these cringe or cancer comments.).

skin by WikiME


Artist | Digital Art
Planets and objects account: PlanetorialButts
Tumblr (NSFW):
Tumblr (SFW):

Hello, my name is Ashley. I'm just a silly person making weird shit that i love~
About me? Err... There's nothing that you guys should know about me. I only posted Fetishes and Even Non-Fetishes. I'm also just a nice person, but i tend to be shy at times. You'll sometimes see me not talking to you. :c
I have MANY things to do in real life then in the internet. I sometimes be playing games, sometimes trying to attempt drawing while the program doesn't even AGSGASG Crashes on me! Sometimes doing family stuffs, and so on. I am not the type of person to talk to people head on. xD
I can be serious at times. I can be funny sometimes. And i can be pissy. But mostly when i get really serious. But i don't intend to be angry, so don't misunderstood at my words of speech.
I exaggerate the bold text font a lot and also exaggerated the LARGE text at times as well. Please don't be annoyed, as this is my only typing skill~ Oh and squiggly lines are part of my typing skills as well. It use to express my happy emotion, Flirty emotion (Even though, you'll never get a chance to notice. xD), and my confident emotion~ If i didn't use the squiggly lines, i may be any of these emotions, with an exception of Happy, Flirty, and Confident.
My art? Well, my art focusing on all around. It can be sexy, it can be cute (Which 90% of my art is cute), it can be scary as fuck, it can be ANYTHING! It doesn't always have to focus on one thing.
"What's your fetish Ashley?" My fetishes are: Inflation, Hyper expansions, Vore, Weight Gain, Expansion , Diapers, Watersports/Omorashi~❤, Pregnancy, and Farting~ The most fetish i love is Vore and Expansion~ x3


Look at Ashley's Character bio~
Please note that this does not conflict with Busty Lesbian Chick, A.K.A, my non-fiction self.


Artists who draw my persona or me~

Mature warning! Click at your own risk!……

The birthday you see in this account aren't real. The real deal is March 7



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I barely curse, btw.
Sun Mar 19, 2017, 5:21 PM
lol ikr
Sun Mar 19, 2017, 5:14 PM
Censoring your own words are bullshit
Sun Mar 19, 2017, 3:15 PM
It's a joke.
Sun Mar 19, 2017, 2:11 PM
F**k this S**t I'm out.
Sun Mar 19, 2017, 2:10 PM
Sat Mar 18, 2017, 5:16 PM
rofl i'm not gonna xD
Sat Mar 18, 2017, 7:32 AM
eAt Me................................ actually don't pls lel o.o
Fri Mar 17, 2017, 9:26 PM
Basically joking around, rofl
Fri Mar 17, 2017, 8:39 PM
Ah, look who it is. It's Ms. "I can't learn how to simply move on from stuff I don't like".
Fri Mar 17, 2017, 3:39 PM


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"Sonic Scream, Size-Change, Strength and of course Shapeshifting" I've heard it many times in other character's bios.

"mainly to being hit by radioactive waves" Cliche superhero backstory.

"She was sent to earth because she was a danger to society, mainly for causing havoc with her powers." More Cliche Superhero backstory.

"Her adoptive parents, Diamond and Johnson were normal everyday human beings." Then later on, Diamond's name have changes to Diane, and then it changes back to Diamond. I may be the only person that's confused. Diane was mentioned two times.

"Johnson: I got an idea, we should send her to military school." Just because she just literally destroy everything, doesn't mean that you have to sent her to the military.

"But then she screamed at them, causing them to faint and she ran away." Seriously? You didn't mentioned a sonic screech then rather just plain screaming at them. If i would've just screamed at my parents, they would just faint right away. THAT'S strange.

"Until they suddenly started to transform into rabbits." Yeah, they've been transformed by rabbits because of the cliche radioactive waves in the past. You didn't mentioned about it.

"As it turned out, Adrienne secretly had a virus that allowed those who come in slight contact with her, become bunnies themselves." Again, Cliche Radioactive waves.

"Johnson: There she is!" Who are you shouting Johnson? You didn't point at Diamond and say there she is. All you just shout the military soldiers and say there she is, but not towards Diamond.

"Meanwhile, Diane Diamond is being subjected to experiments to the point where her body mutates into a blue color and then to a kajiu size." These mutations and superpowers are going too far in this story. First, the radioactive waves, then the bunnies, and then a godzilla ripoff.

"She then proceeds to destroy the entire base and goes on a rampage." Adrienne wrecks havoc in the past, and now Diamond?

"and then screams so loud that her "mother" hears her and comforts her, despite being huge" ... That's why i don't like Giantess as much. 

"both parents become crazy with fame"
"Diamond was overwhelmed with beauty and Johnson was overwhelmed with money." For some unknown reason. They just magically gained money and beauty out of thin air.

"18 year old Adrienne, lived a normal life with her mother, until she started to go crazy." Again, unknown reason.

"until she burst through the door and ran as fast as she could." Guess she have a fear or coward trait. Just my theory. Because she just cried, she screamed at her parents, and right now she ran away AGAIN.
BunnyAdrienne Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I guess the backstory wasn't logical at all.
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